What Hypnosis Can Do For You

Hypnosis is used effectively to facilitate patients’ understanding of themselves or their problems, extinguish unfortunate habits, uncover repressed or forgotten memories, reduce anxiety and fears, and develop a new and more adaptive outlook.

In medicine and health psychology, hypnosis is used to effectively treat irritable bowel syndrome, reduce pain and discomfort associated with medical procedures such as childbirth, treatment of burns, and surgery where anesthesia cannot be used effectively.

It is also used to treat chronic pain and psychosomatic problems and counter unhealthy habits that contribute to illness.

Hypnosis as a Helping Tool

Kat Martell - Hypnosis MontrealHypnosis has countless uses in psychotherapy, psychiatry and various medical specialties.

The use of hypnotic techniques by the helping professions has increased steadily in recent years, because hypnosis is gaining widespread acceptance as a safe, reliable, effective and comfortable alternative or adjunct to other, more traditional methods.

In the first half of the 20th century, hypnosis was often viewed as an exotic or fringe method in medicine and psychology, but slowly gained respect as a potent clinical tool. It finally earned formal recognition as a valuable tool in health care in 1958, when the Council on Mental Health of the American Medical Association recommended that instruction in hypnosis be included in medical school curricula.

Hypnosis was similarly embraced several years later by the American Psychological Association.

As a hypnotherapist providing Montreal hypnosis sessions, my primary goal is to help people. The best synergy occurs when my client’s goal and mine mesh well together.

Personally, I strive:

  1. To teach you how to relax completely, both physically and mentally, so that you can repeat the experience on your own, preferably every day.
  2. To make you aware of the thoughts you think and how your thoughts affect your emotions and behaviour. I do my best to show you how to take control of those thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
  3. To help you build within you a strong, resilient foundation of confidence that will carry you in every aspect of your daily life for the rest of your life. I teach you how to be a creator of your life, not a victim of circumstances and events.

Montreal Hypnotherapy for Motivation, Depression and Anxiety